28 marzo 2011

Spring comes softly

I know usually there are spring cleaning....but i also like spring shopping so much!!!!

After such a long and cold winter i'm really happy to see a lot of sping kits blooming in our shops!
I think you already grabbed this amazing collab @ A5D.....free until yesterday with a 10 $ purchase:

with this amazing collab i made a RAK for my dear Magda_lena and her beautiful son Eryk:

to "improve" thsi amazing collab you can find @ A5D shots by all designer.....at only 2$ each!
I want to show you the sweet and beautiful preview of Kimla Designs Shot:

   with this shot i made a page:

You can buy this amazing shot HERE

25 marzo 2011

Premio sunshine

Le carissime compagne di vita e di scrap di Scrappamondo digitale mi hanno tributato questo premio, che mi rende felicissima di constatare che, nonostante i mille impegni e problemi di vita, ci si ricorda sempre di quelle amicizie virtuali che iniziano un pò per caso, e proseguono perchè sono importanti e vere...

Ringrazio quindi di cuore Ilaria, Priss, Lorenza, Mara, Cfaby, Klu Friuly per avermi conferito questo premio....siete dei veri tesori!!

Ecco il regolamento:

- ringraziare chi te lo ha girato
-postare il premio ricevuto e giraralo a 12 Blogs preferiti
-avvisare chi è stato premiato

I miei 12 blog comprendono esattamente i delle 6 amiche di cui sopra, con l'aggiunta di quelli di Monica, Debora, Gabbina, Dolcevita e Cindry

24 marzo 2011

Spring cooking!!

This is my first post as a Kimla Designs ct member, and i'm so happy!!! This is the first kit i want to show you: i really love this kit.. I love the colors here, and all those vegetables are so fresh and stunning!!! they really made me feel like spring is coming!!

Here us the preview:

This is my page:

you can find this kit @ A5D

and please remember A5D is having sales!!!

21 marzo 2011

I'm in Kimla's ct !!!

I'm so proud to tell you i'm in Kimla's ct......what a great, incredible chance!!!

I'm already working on some of her kits...and i'm having a lot of fun!!!

19 marzo 2011

my sweet imaginations

A new stunning kit by Starlight Designs...i really loved it for its palette and papers!!!they're perfect for indoor scenes!!!you can find in this kit some amazing paper with a stunning striped wallpaper that i really loved... you can find it @ SPD
This is the preview:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      and this is my page:

13 marzo 2011

Feeling Pink by MaryPop Designs

No words to express how much i love pink....and this kit is very beautiful and delicate, perfect for girly pages:

And this is my page, a RAK for Natalka and her beautiful Sophie


Blooming spring

Are you in a spring and little bit vintage mood???? well this is the perfect kit for you, by pinkLotty designs:

This is my page...i couldn't choose which element use, because they're all soooo precious and beautiful!

You can buy this amazing kit here

A cup of sweet tea

A new amazing kit by Starlight designs...
This is the preview:

I found this kit really amazing...papers are all sooo beautiful and delicate...this is my page:

You can grab this kit here

4 marzo 2011

Charity Collab wings of hope

7th heaven Designers created this amazing collab for Heather:

All proceedes from Wings of Hope will be devolved to Heather.
If you don't know her story, please take a minute to read it:
" We all dream of building our own nest. We're looking for a house where our family will feel safe. We're doing everything we can to know that we have a place to come home to.
What if in a single moment all this would turn to dust? What happened to Heather Manning really saddens us. When we learned that her house burned down and she and her family have lost everything to the fire, our sadness was indescribable. In an instant you're trying to picture yourself in this situation and your heart aches, because you can't imagine this kind of loss. Especially when you're a mother yourself, trying to build this nest for your loved ones.
This is why we're here asking you for help. We have prepared our first 7th Heaven collab to support Heather and would like to ask you to join us in our efforts. As you may know, Heather was an important part of DST and is close to all of us, so we would like to ask you to show your love for her.

All proceeds from the Wings of Hope kit will go to Heather and her family. We hope you can be a part of this project and that you will help us help Heather. "

Heather's blog:  http://the247mom.com/

This is my page:

Pic by PSQuill atelier used with permission
Template Tempa Chromatica Vol. 1 Wendy P designs

3 marzo 2011

First Spring Breeze_ Ivonka is coming back!

it's been some time since her last kit, and now she's coming back with the new amazing "spring time breeze" that you can find from today @ SPD
I want to show you the preview, and my pages....

Pic by Jen Gentry used with permission

Pic by Ariana Falerni used with permission

spring kits @ 7th heaven

So..i have the flu and in north Italy is snowing...spring seems still so far...but if you have enough of winter and want to find some delight in spring colors...here is it the perfect kit:

THE NEW KIT BY MYSTIQUE DESIGNS that you can grab it here

this is my page

And i have one more beautiful kit, with a magical and dreamy appeal:

SPRING HARMONY KIT BY WENDYP DESIGNS that you can grab it here

And this is my page:

WA by Natali designs

Pic by Newborn Chicago photography used with permission

1 marzo 2011

Green Happiness

I love spring.....and i love spring themed kits!!!i really can't get enough...
I want to show you this new kit by Marypop...i love these colors!!!

My page is a Rak for Lana and her beautiful Adriel!

you can find this kit @ scrapinsider