25 febbraio 2011

Spring time!

This week i want to show you two new releases that you can find @ 7th Heaven Design 

The first one is Painted Hydrangea By SeniDesigns:

I used one of WendyP Design Template in Tempa Chromatica vol.1 Pack

...and this is what i create:

I gained 3 GSOs...thank you Dida, Zojinka and Mamiemoi!

And the second kit is GreedyPleasure by MDesigns:

and this is my page:

I gained a GSO...thank you Sarah!

18 febbraio 2011

some news for you!!

this week has been maybe one of the worst of my whole life....and i'm happy i have digital scrapbooking as a hobby....these new kit helped me to avoid bad thoughts...

The first one is Magical Time by Wendy P Designs....i really had a lot of fun with it!!
You can find it on 7th Heaven designs Shop HERE

This is my page:

And i have other two amazing kits to show you:

The first one is Spring Garden By MaryPop Designs...and i need spring to come more then i can say!

This is the preview....click on it to go to 9th and Bloom Store and buy it!

and this is my page:

I used a pic by PS Quill Atelier, with persmission

Last but not least.......Key to my Heart......a new beautiful kit PinkLotty Designs.....you can find it @ SPD

The preview:

This is my page:

8 febbraio 2011

Mystique Designs is back with a new kit!!!

Hi everyone, today I want to show you a page that i make with the new Brydka' s Kit, coming tomorrow @ 7th Heaven Designs Shop:

This page was insipred by the wonderful, super talented Magda_lena.....i'll show you her Lazy Day layout that inspired me so much...even if her original version is so far far far better than mine.....

BTW, if you like new Brydka's kit let's go on her blog and post a comment here, telling her which is your favourite love song!it's so simple, isn't it!!!Good luck everyone!!!

7 febbraio 2011

i'm on gallery standout!

Just a few hours ago i discovered my Silver lake page is been published on Gallery Standouts!!!


it's a big honour and pleasure to me.....thanks a million Sandra!

I'm on cloud 9 !!! I'm Guest for PinkLotty Designs

This month is really lucky and beautiful for me... you know i'm already guest for MaryPop and now......i'm guest for the amazing PinkLotty Designs!!!
I'm really so happyi can't express you how i feel blamed...i hope not to be too sad next month!

BTW, i started immediately to play with Monicca stunning kits...i grabbed two and made my pages...it's been really a pleasure...these kits tell a story, they're not simply elements and paper....

You can understande better looking at the previews:

the first one is the stunning Vintage collection:

I made a vintage look page with it:

The second one is the dreamy and magical Silver Lake:

I made this page....i really like it!!!

So if you like this kits...and you should...go at Monicca's amazing store @ SPD

4 febbraio 2011

Sweet & Soft

Today MaryPop is moving to 9th and Bloom!!!
The first kit for her new store is Sweet & Soft, a wonderful tender kit....i'll show you the preview:

I made a Rak for JJ with this kit:

If you like this kit, but i'm sure you do....don't miss theSweet & Soft  freebie that you can find on Mary's blog here

My secret Heart

A new amazing kit by Stralight Designs is now avalaible @ SPD.

This is the preview:

And this is my page:

I used a pic form PSQuill Atelier....thank you Sita!!!

2 febbraio 2011

News from 7th Heaven!!

This week is rich of new releases, so i want to show you two kit that are really different, but that i loved both!

The first one is Delicious Valentine, by Wendy P Designs...its name reminds of Saint Valentine, but you'll find this kit really versatile, as you can see in her CT LOs in our store...
The preview:

 And this is my page:

You can find even an add-on for this kit, so please check here for futher information

The second kit i want to introduce to you is Fairy Forest By KandI Designs....i really had a lot of fun with it!!

This is my page with it:

1 febbraio 2011


This month i'm a guest ct member for the amazing MaryPop Designs!!!
So here I am with my first page with her new kit Fun & Love that you can find here

 I made my page using a pic of my little adorable niece Chiara: