9 settembre 2011

my last pages made with my old pc

Yep!!!! My new IMac is just arrived at the store, and i can't wait to play with it!
To say goodbye to my old dual core hp i'll post here the laste pages it helped me to create:

this page is made with Autumn Love Shot by Kimla designs (i tolk about it in the previous post)

Rak for my sweet lana and her beautiful son

You can buy this kit HERE

The last page is a Rak for Vrtule, made with Tea party at the Pond Kit, By Kandi Designs

You can buy this kit HERE

1 commento:

  1. Ma che belli i tuoi lavori! Ho appena letto che stai usando photoshop5 che figata! Io ho solo photoshop cs, mi sento una poveretta! Ma costano troppo!
    P.S mi devi fare assolutamente una pagina col mio frugolo!