2 novembre 2011

an amazing collab @ A5D!!!

Lily Designs, Emeto designs and Jofia Designs are amazing designers, their kit are always so beautiful and full of poetry...so let's close your eyes and think about what they can do together!! A masterpiece, of course!!!

They worked an a common project and realized 3 mini kits that match together in a huge collab that you must have!!! don't miss it!!
It's really versatile and dreamy....the best you can use for your babies' winter pics

I made three pages, one for each part (but you can mix them all!!)

RAKs for JJ and her beautiful niece Iga

1 commento:

  1. Ciao. ho preso anch'io uno di questi kit... quello di Lilly, mi piaceva di più.
    Grazie ancora per il fantastico LO di Mattia.